What is BlackHoleDAO
BlackHoleDAO is a decentralized asset management protocol based on DAO governance. On the basis of DeFi3.0, a completely new standardized model called "BlackHole DAO Protocol (BHDP)" is constructed. The BHDP burn mechanism resolves the imbalance between high inflation and deflation in the market by referring to the traditional stock market splitting and merging principle. The DAOs credit-based loan service is launched.
Important parts of the protocol:
  • BHDP: BlackHole DAO Protocol
  • BHDP deflation formula: X-[X/(Y*H)]=Z
  • VC Pool: Fund pool with all quality Token assets
  • Donation Pool: An asset pool with high returns from investment institutions, DAOs and individual investments
  • DAOs: Different DAO communities
  • Transaction tax pool: Accumulated asset pool of transaction tax
  • Black Hole Reactor: The reactor will be opened when a certain amount of BUSD is reached
BHDP Burn Mechanism:
In the case that the support rate is equal to 0 when the stock (BHO) in the market reaches a certain amount, the deflation mechanism will be triggered; the interest on Stake will gradually decrease in a certain proportion, and the proportion of stock (BHO) purchased through Bond will gradually decrease, followed by a gradual decrease in the stock (BHO) minted through VC Pool. If the support rate is less than 0, the Stake will stop generating interest; Bond and VC Pool will stop minting new coins; in the meantime, the deflation mechanism will be triggered, starting to burn the inventory flow according to time and proportion until the support rate is greater than 0.
  • X-[X/(Y*H)]=Z
  • X: Amount when the burn mechanism is triggered
  • Y: Burning proportion
  • H: Time
  • Z: Amount when the support rate is greater than 0 by burning the inventory flow
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