1. What is BlackHole DAO?
BlackHole DAO is a decentralized asset management Protocol based on DAO governance.

The principle of BlackHole DAO protocol:

BlackHole DAO has built a new standardized model called "BlackHole DAO Protocol (BHDP)”. BHDP burning mechanism uses the traditional stock market breakup and merger principles to solve the imbalance between high inflation and deflation. Change traditional finance and create a new standardized model for DeFi asset management through collaborative work between different protocols.

BlackHole DAO (BHDP) protocol composition:

BHDP deflation formula
X- [X/(Y*H)] =Z
Automatically combine liquidity LPs through protocols, one of the ways to obtain BHO
Long-term asset growth strategy to create passive income for users
VC Pool
The underlying value support pool with all high-quality value assets
DAOs Ranking
Obtain additional dividends from transaction tax pool and credit loans according to the credit value and punishment mechanism of each DAOs community
Donation Pool
A Pool of assets that investors, DAOs, and individuals can make high returns on.
Consist of the various DAO communities
Transaction tax pool
A pool of accumulated transaction tax
Black Hole Reactor
A reward pool that through the trigger mechanism, active the ultimate deflation
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The principle of BlackHole DAO protocol:
BlackHole DAO (BHDP) protocol composition: