2. What is BHO?
BHO is the only asset value certificate governed by BlackHole DAO

How did BHO come about? and how is it allocated?

Initially generate 10 trillion by minting, the remaining 90 trillion of the total will be minted through Bond, VC Pool, and Staking. Minting will be stopped upon the total amount reaching 100 trillion.
10 trillion and 10,000 BUSD is minted early in the market, and formed the initial anchor price. Below this price, the Treasury will carry out recycling to burn BHO.
  • 1.6 trillion BHO Initial IDO
  • 800 billion BHO Create liquidity pool
  • 2 billion BHO Airdrops and traffic attraction
  • Remaining 7.598 trillion BHO are burnt directly
Burning Address:
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