3. What is VC Pool ?
You can think of it as the Grayscale Fund of crypto.

The role of VC Pool for BlackHole DAO protocol:

We can understand that the function of Grayscale to Bitcoin is the same as the stabilization fund to the U.S. dollar. It will stabilize the price of Bitcoin and the liquidity of the asset.
For Grayscale, continuous buying is just a requirement.
The operational requirement of the BlackHole DAO protocol is to support and enhance the value of BHO (stock) and increase the liquidity of assets by adding assets of different values and protocol burning mechanisms.
Adding asset value certificates: BlackHole DAO-VC Pool will add at least 200 asset value certificates through DAOs community voting in the early stage to support the value of BHO (stock), including:
  • Non-stable coins
  • NFT
  • Liquid LP
  • Other asset value certificates
Burning mechanism:
When the BlackHole DAO protocol mints shares (BHO) through the VC Pool, 50% of the assets entering the VC Pool will be burning in the liquidity pool, and the remaining 50% will be retained in the pool and will be used for credit lending based on DAO governance.
DAOs credit lending:
Because of its financial lending attributes, VC Pool will also develop into a DAO-based "credit pool", and DAOs community users can apply for lending services based on their credit value.
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