8. What is DAOs community NFT, why is its initial value 1,000 BUSD, can it be traded?
BlackHoleDAO-NFT is initially divided into the following three types of value certificates, and the initial value of each certificate is different:
  • Investment Institutions (Initial Value: 10,000 BUSD)
  • DAOs community (initial value: 1,000 BUSD)
  • Individuals (initial value: 100 BUSD)

Take the DAOs community as an example:

According to the contribution value, the DAOs community will obtain an exclusive NFT, which will serve as your identity or equity certificate for entering the DAOs advanced community. It has a certain initial support value (1,000 BUSD). When the number of DAOs communities > 50, the DAOs community creation amount and NFT value will grow to 3,000 BUSD, or higher! (Your exclusive NFT can be used for transaction circulation, if it is sold, some of your rights will also be invalid)
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