DAOs Ranking
Those who make a successful donation as the DAOs community on the Donation Pool page will receive a unique community ID to be a DAOs community advocate, able to enjoy the transaction tax pool dividend and expand their own DAO community. If you are a community builder or a leader with the ability to do so, feel free to have a try.
For each DAOs community, we try to calculate the credit value of each through the algorithm, together with a corresponding reward and punishment mechanism. The credit value will be a weighted value according to the following dimensions. The DAOs community with the top-ranking credit value can get additional transaction tax pool dividend and later higher loans. One thing for sure is that we will continue to optimize the calculation rules.
  • Total value of holding BHO, including BHO and sBHO
  • VC Pool contribution value, the total value of each token contribution
  • Number of effective team members (number of all BHO addresses)
  • Number of token types successfully recommended
  • Holding time
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