Staking is essentially a long-term asset growth strategy that creates passive benefits for users, and you can choose staking to obtain staking interest if you get BHO, which is for users who have recognized BlackHoleDAO for a long time. If you are a short-term speculator, of course, you can choose to sell it for the profit you want.
Long-term beneficiaries earn compound interest through Staking. In order not to generate high inflation, the reward rate is freely regulated according to the market, but the compound interest generated by staking will always be tens of times higher than traditional DeFi products like Compound and Aave.
As your BHO shares increase, this will be converted into a declining cost base until it tends to zero. This means that even if the market price of BHO is lower than your initial purchase price, as long as there is a sufficient staking period, your staked BHO should eventually exceed the impact of asset buoyancy and loss as the balance increases. Therefore, for long-term consensus users, this is the best investment subject without risk value.
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