How to Stake BHO
You can choose to select the BUSD-BHO pool on the PancakeSwap to purchase BHO and then stake the BHO to BlackHole for more BHO.
Of course, you can also obtain the corresponding BHO by purchasing the Bond and investing in the VC Pool and then stake the BHO.
  1. 1.
    Go to the Stake page of the BlackHoleDAO website. Select the “Stake” button
2. Click “Approve” and sign the deal
3. Enter the number of BHOs you want to stake in the text box. If you want to stake all your BHOs, press the “Max” button
4、After successfully processing the “Approved” transaction, click “Stake” and sign the transaction
Field description:
Annualized Percentage of Yield (APY)
Amount of all staked BHO in BlackHoleDAO
Current Index
Start with 0 epoch 1 and increase at each epoch
Your Balance
How many unstaked BHO in your wallet
Your Staked Balance
How many BHO have been stake in Your wallet
Next Reward Amount
Your sBHO balance increment at the beginning of the next epoch
Next Reward Yield
Your sBHO percentage of yield at the beginning of the next epoch
ROI (5-day Rate)
Estimate how much your sBHO balance will increase after 5 days
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