How to Claim
1.After successfully purchasing Vcbond, the Vcbond page will display your purchase record, and “Pending” is the amount of BHO you will get.
2. After about 5 days, all your BHO will reach claimable, click “Claim” or “Claim all” to acquire the BHO into your wallet.
3. You can also click “Claim all and Stake” to claim and directly stake BHO in BlackHoleDAO to generate compound interest.
Field Description:
Pending Rewards
The BHO amount you are entitled to get from the binding.
Claimable Rewards
The amount of BHO you can receive
Time until fully vested
Block when the bond is fully redeemable
Vesting Term
Measure the time required for full redemption of the bond (about 5 days)
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