How to Vcbond
First, purchase in the market the tokens supported by BlackHoleDAO or NFTs, liquidity LP and then able to continue the purchase.
1. Go to the VC Pool page on the BlackHoleDAO website.
2. Select the Vcbond you want to buy, click “Vcbond” to enter the purchase page.
3. On the purchase page, enter the number of corresponding tokens you want to buy. Make sure you do not exceed the allowable purchase amount.
4. If this is your first purchase, you need to approve the BlackHole Dao Protocol to use your tokens. Click "Approve" and sign the transaction.
5. Click "Vcbond" and sign the deal
Field Description:
Bond Price
Price of BHO (consistent with market price)
Your Balance
Your BHO token Balance. This is the asset used to create the bond
Your Will Get
Tell you how many BHO you will get from the binding
Max You Can Buy
Tell you the maximum amount of BHO you can buy
Vesting Term
Measure the time required for full redemption of the bond (about 5 days)
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