Whenever users purchase Bond or mint through the VC Pool, a certain proportion goes into the DAO pool accordingly. The funds in the DAO pool will be used as follows:
60% is used to adjust the project:
  • Add liquidity
  • Part for the community bonus when it falls short
10% of the investors
10% of the community
10% of marketing
10% of the development team
The DAO contract is protected by 4/5 multiple signatures. In another word, any transaction that changes the DAO must be approved by at least 4 signatories. We have 5 in total. Hence, the BlackHoleDAO operation security is protected from the influence of disruptive behaviors by a single perpetrator as any transaction, such as participation in DAO swap, must be authorized by signatures of 4 legal persons. Here list 5 DAO signature addresses.
DAO address: 0x82CB6995258fe0aBa78DC10dE4F134F79eB45abf
Multi-signature address:
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