Transaction Tax
The BlackHoleDAO transaction tax is used to prevent the plate from malicious acts by whales and to fund the operation of the entire project for the community and different DAOs communities. It also provides the guarantee to the final Black Hole Reactor and burning.
Transaction tax: 15% for buying (BHO) and 25% for selling (BUSD), the total tax will go into the transaction tax pool, together with multi-signature addresses to ensure the fund security. The transaction tax will grow with liquidity, while the proportion will gradually decrease until it is abolished. Definitely, all is for the betterment of the project itself.
The transaction tax will be settled once a week, and this time is also subject to adjustments by a vote of the community DAO members for adaptation to the healthier BlackHoleDAO operation.
Transaction Tax Pool Distribution:
  • 60% of the total transaction tax goes directly to the Black Hole Reactor and BHO is burned directly
  • (BUSD+BHO)10% return to the donation pool investment institution
  • (BUSD+BHO)10% into the marketing wallet
  • (BUSD+BHO)10% development team
  • (BUSD+BHO) 5% DAOs community ranking bonus
  • (BUSD+BHO) 3% DAOs community investor
  • (BUSD+BHO) 2% individuals investor
Transaction Tax address:0x96B780Db3FEB92d17eD9d85786D15d35FF7E9936
Multi-signature address:
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