The Treasury in BlackHoleDAO mainly serves as the ground for judging the inflation rate. The treasury assets are mainly derived from the LP composed of Bond and some later supported stablecoins. When the inflation rate supported by the treasury assets is too high, the staking interest, Bond purchase securities proportion and VC Pool minting proportion will all gradually decrease, while the burning proportion will gradually increase, so as to achieve the purpose of free market transactions.
The treasury contract is protected by 4/5 multiple signatures. In another word, any treasury transaction must be approved by at least 4 signatories. We have 5 in total. Hence, the operation security of treasury assets is protected, preventing the influence of disruptive behaviors by a single perpetrator as any transaction, such as transferring funds in and out, must be authorized by 4 legal persons.
Treasury address: 0xFfC8e424f933D81784Ad86072d78d30f0276F74E
Multi-signature address:
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